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Technology to serve your exceptional products

Giving companies a powerful solution for anticipating their customers' needs, better understanding their buying behaviour and making their products easily recognisable against counterfeiting

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More than an authentication solution, a world of experiences

WaveAuth considerably limits the consequences of counterfeiting and facilitates the second-hand market by creating a marketplace with a unique experience and 100% authentic products for the luxury and high-end sectors.

Why didn't you do it earlier?

Excellence and authenticity combined

Counterfeiting creates economic and ethical challenges, compromising product quality, harming legitimate businesses and eroding consumer confidence. The WaveAuth certificate of authenticity solution is a major step forward in the fight against counterfeiting.

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A unique experience

Designed to be easy to use, yet visually satisfying for second-hand shoppers

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Unprecedented new income

A major part of the commission taken from all sales is paid back to the manufacturer of the product sold.

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Expanding your customer base

Make your products visible throughout their lifespan thanks to the only marketplace that can guarantee the authenticity of all the products displayed.

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Precise and valuable data

Give you ultra-precise data on the number, price and frequency of sales linked to your products

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How to use it ?

Find the product

Locate the chip

Get your phone closer

Checks authenticity

Interested in our solutions ?

WaveAuth offers two solutions: a high-performance authentication solution to limit the consequences of counterfeiting under the WaveAuth brand. And a marketplace where all authenticated products are available under other brand.

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