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The story of a revolution in the second-hand market

Imagine a world where buying a luxury product would no longer be a risky gamble. A world where you could be certain of the authenticity of your purchase, without having to worry about counterfeits. This is the dream that WaveAuth is in the process of realising.

The WaveAuth adventure began in the minds of two engineers, Kevin GERMAIN and Maxence WURTH, who were passionate about technology and aware of the dangers of the second-hand market. They developed an application with the idea of combining NFC technology and blockchain to guarantee the authenticity of works of art.

It was at an entrepreneurial event that Lucas MAITRE crossed paths with Kevin and Maxence, two IT engineers with a passion for technology and the second-hand market. They introduced him to WaveAuth, their innovative project aimed at guaranteeing the authenticity of luxury goods using NFC and blockchain technology.

Immediately attracted by WaveAuth's revolutionary potential, Lucas was convinced that this technology could be a game-changer for the second-hand market. Together, they decided to work together to make WaveAuth a reality.

group of men
group of men

During his studies, Lucas used his knowledge and skills to develop the project in parallel. He seized every opportunity to move WaveAuth forward, taking part in entrepreneurial competitions and making contacts with key players in the luxury goods market.

In October 2023, after reaching a moral agreement with Kevin and Maxence who did not wish to continue the adventure, Lucas decided to launch WaveAuth 100%. He was convinced that his commitment and vision were the keys to the success of this ambitious project.

A chance meeting led to the creation of WaveAuth, a company that aims to revolutionise the second-hand market by guaranteeing the authenticity of luxury goods.

WaveAuth's graphic identity was co-constructed with the ESP (Ecole Supérieure de Publicité) and the agency made up of Constance Michel, Maréva Poulet, Arthur Baron and Elisa Santel.

The wax seal is a highly versatile tool, with a rich history and a variety of modern applications. It offers a security dimension by allowing the authentication of documents such as letters, thus ensuring their integrity and preventing any alteration of the contents. It also serves to protect against theft and counterfeiting, by being affixed to valuable objects to deter theft and guarantee their provenance. The seal also plays a crucial role in official validation, particularly in the certification of authentic documents, confirming their legitimacy.

Considered an element of prestige, the seal adds a touch of elegance and can be an expression of identity and personality. The creation of a unique seal, adorned with symbols, coats of arms or initials, allows you to stand out in a distinctive way.

The "Seal of Exclusivity" concept is based on the idea of marking each luxury product authenticated by WaveAuth with a distinctive symbol that represents not only authenticity, but also membership of a very exclusive circle of products and consumers. The concept revolves around the value, exclusivity and distinction in the world of luxury, highlighting the importance of owning items that are not only authentic, but also unique and rare.

In the world of luxury, authenticity is a prerequisite, but exclusivity takes the experience to a new level.

WaveAuth is much more than just a technology. It's a story of passion, daring and perseverance. It's about creating a world where trust is restored and everyone can buy and sell luxury goods in complete security.

Our mission is simple: to protect buyers and sellers against counterfeiting and to guarantee the authenticity of luxury products.

Our vision is clear: to become the global benchmark for luxury product authentication. Our core values are innovation, integrity and transparency. WaveAuth is the future of the second-hand market.

Join us on this adventure!

As a buyer, you can be sure that every product bearing the WaveAuth chip is authentic. As a seller, you can add value to your products and protect yourself against fraud. As a partner, you can help build a safer, more transparent second-hand market.

WaveAuth, the story is just beginning.